Golf in Vietnam Is All About the Walk (Or Ride)

One thing I really like about golf in Vietnam is that all Vietnam golf courses have the same system with respect to golf carts (buggies). That is they are always optional, and when used golf carts can be shared between 2 golfers.

This choice of whether to walk or ride not only helps keep costs down for those who prefer the exercise, but it is in stark contrast to other competing destinations like golf in Thailand or golf in Malaysia. Read more

Vietnam Golf Caddies

Have you ever golfed with a caddie? If not, you are in for a real treat golfing in Vietnam. I often try to explain about this with golf buddies and everyone agrees, golfing with a caddie in Vietnam adds another dimension to of golf and is a must experience for all Vietnam golf visitors.

The Vietnam caddies will be of the unique experiences of your golf holiday. However, be forewarned you may like having a caddie in Vietnam, but it won’t be until you return home that you really miss the Vietnamese caddies! Read more

Golf in Vietnam Pros and Cons of Night Golf

Golf in Vietnam can be played day or night as more  Vietnam golf courses are being built with lights or are having lights installed. For example Van Tri Golf Club in Hanoi and Twin Doves Golf Club in Saigon both offer night golf starting at 3:30PM and finishing around 11:00 each weekday night. The front nine is played in daylight and the lights come on just as you would make the turn. Then the the back nine is played under spot lights. The new Diamond Bay Resort & Golf Club is also installing lights, albeit they not completely functional yet. Read more

More Best Golf In Danang Tips

Here are three tips to make your golfing holiday in Danang more enjoyable:

1. Money Changing: US Dollars used to be widely accepted and the preferred currency of choice for a Danang golf vacation. However, over the past 2 years this has all changed. Nowadays the Vietnamese Dong is used everywhere. The rates are controlled by the Vietnam Central Bank, so changing money at an official money changer will get you the best rates. There are two exchange kiosks at the Danang Airport and the rates are competitive. Read more

Snakes On Vietnam Golf Courses

Recently I heard from an Australian on one of our Vietnam golf tours about the large cobra he saw when golfing at Vietnam Country Club. Previously, I knew that many soldiers had suffered from snake bites while in Vietnam. However in the 50 years since, I had thought that snakes were all but eradicated. In fact, I have had only two snake encounters while golfing in Vietnam.

A few years ago golfing at Long Thanh my slice on the short par-4 17th of the landed near edge of the lake. When I went to check my lie, I saw a large snake basking in the sun next to my ball. Nevertheless, my Vietnamese caddie wooed the snake away and I was able to hit normally. Another time there a small garter snake off the fairway at Van Tri Golf Club in Hanoi. This time it was the snake who was more scared than I and he slithered away after hearing me approach.

Anyway, I thought I would do some research and, to my surprise, I discovered that over 3,000 people are bitten by snakes in Vietnam each year, though there are not many deaths. Venomous snakes in Vietnam include pit vipers, cobras and kraits.

Although all snakes seem terrifying, the reality of the situation is that the rare snake on a Vietnam golf course would only attack if provoked. Of course, if you accidentally stepped on one this might be taken as an act of aggression. Therefore, watch where you step and you will be fine. Also, did you know that many bites are what are known as dry bites, which means that the snake does not inject any venom? Most snake bite victims suffer more from shock than poison.

Therefore, there is no real need to be worried about snakes when you are golfing in Vietnam, just show respect and use caution.

Vietnam Anti-Slicing Golf Swing

It is very easy to spot those who favor a slice when golfing in Vietnam. These players stay back behind the golf ball when finishing their swings. I am not sure if this is because of the many on courses distractions such as other players, caddies, or the surrounding scenery. Nevertheless, staying behind the ball leads to an outside-in swing and causes such familiar shots such as slices and tops. This is particularly true on the drive which is often hit with too much power anyway.

Here is an effective drill that I saw a Vietnam golf professional demonstrate recently when I was golfing in Danang. First he used an extra-long tee. When the ball is teed up high, it is easier to swing from the inside to the outside. Then he set his driver club head about three inches behind the ball. This helps hit through the ball and with the head square at impact.

This set-up also delays moving the upper body out of position before impact and stops a falling back motion the lower body. Moreover, with the body positioned properly, there is less of a tendency to steer the ball. Try it for yourself when you go out on the course.

The inside to outside swing plane eliminates weak slices and promotes a slight draw. I bet you can hit longer, shave off a few strokes form your score, and get rid of those nasty OB’s, especially on the tighter Vietnam golf courses.

What To Bring When Golfing In Vietnam

Golfing in Vietnam is different from golf in Europe and the USA and what to bring with you to the Vietnam golf courses is more than the obvious. Other than your clubs I suggest every Vietnam golfer be sure of the five following points before heading to the golf course.

1. Proper lightweight golf attire and socks. Everyone golfing in Vietnam should be aware of the warm tropical conditions. Therefore, to stay cool I wear a modern quick-dry collared golf shirt, knee length short pants, and no-show socks. Vietnam golf courses are more relaxed than those in other parts of the world, but the usual standards of dress still apply. Jeans and tee shirts are not allowed. Everything else is OK.

2. Shoes should be comfortable with soft spikes. Don’t buy and bring new golf shoes as the worst thing that can happen is for you to develop blisters while on the golf courses of Vietnam.

3. The sun can be deceptively strong. Bring and apply liberally a good sunscreen, wear a hat to limit the sun’s exposure on your head, carry a golf umbrella to ward off both sun, and bring a dry towel to wipe away any perspiration from your hands and face.

4. It is a good idea to bring and spray around your ankles and wrists with a mosquito repellent. Malaria poses no threat on Vietnam golf courses, but if you intend traveling outside the main centers or in the jungle make sure you are adequately protected. My favorite repellant is a natural liquid made from lemon grass oil. It smells good and works well too.

5. A good attitude, although strictly speaking not a material possession, it might just be the most important thing to bring along with you to golf in Vietnam golf. Remembering that you are on vacation to have fun will ensure that your Vietnam golf holiday will be one of, if not the most, memorable golf trip of your lifetime!

If you have any additional suggestions on essentials to bring with you while golfing in Vietnam, please do post a comment here or drop me an email at my Vietnam golf holiday company.