Golf Carts (Buggies) @ Vietnam Golf Courses

Some call them carts while others refer to them as buggies. In either case these electric vehicles can make life easier for Vietnam golfers and add to the enjoyment of those on a Vietnam golf holiday.
Golfers almost always want to know if golf carts area available in Vietnam because even the most determined walkers may consider riding when playing golf in Vietnam. A golf cart provides shade and a welcome breeze on a hot day. They also ease the burden of walking up steep hills say for example at Phoenix Golf Club in Hanoi and eliminate long walks from tee to green at say Long Thanh in Saigon.

All of the golf courses in Vietnam have golf carts available for rent. Asian golfers may prefer to ride alone, while others can share a car with a buddy, the later being both more social and less expensive.
Golf carts cost around $35 US Dollars a round and are always optional and charged separate from green and caddie fees. The caddies generally ride on the back of the cart, but can also drive should you choose to go solo.

As with most golf courses around the world you sign a waiver saying that you are responsible for any damage for driving carts into lakes or trees.  Believe it or not, this is a surprisingly common occurrence, especially when some Vietnam golfers play early after having a late night out the night before. If this is your case, let the caddie drive and just sit back and smell the flowers.

At certain courses carts are strictly relegated to the cart path. This is the case at Van Tri Golf Club in Hanoi. In other areas, carts can go on the fairways, provided the conditions are relatively dry. All of the Danang golf courses in the Golf Coast Vietnam program follow this later rule.

Golf buggies can be pre-reserved at all Vietnam golf courses, so if you prefer to ride let your golf tour operator know of your preferences in advance and your buggy will be loaded and waiting for you on when you next golf in Vietnam.