Golf in Vietnam Is All About the Walk (Or Ride)

One thing I really like about golf in Vietnam is that all Vietnam golf courses have the same system with respect to golf carts (buggies). That is they are always optional, and when used golf carts can be shared between 2 golfers.

This choice of whether to walk or ride not only helps keep costs down for those who prefer the exercise, but it is in stark contrast to other competing destinations like golf in Thailand or golf in Malaysia.

Many golf courses in Vietnam are relatively flat, especially the best Danang golf courses. Vietnam golf course layouts are compact without long walks between holes.  This is really good news for walkers.

On the other hand, Vietnam is generally hot and humid, so riding is a good option for those who want to conserve energy or take it easy. A buggy also provides shade protection from the sun and generates a cool breeze while on the go.

Some say speed of play is improved when using buggies, but I tend to differ with this opinion. In fact, on most Vietnam golf courses I can walk and play faster than my friends who take a cart. Sure, they may reach their ball sooner than I, but finding wayward shots and lining up putts take just as long regardless of how you soon arrive at your ball.

Sometimes my friends who ride carts pity my caddie, who is relegated to walking beside me. However, after getting to know many of the Vietnamese caddies, it seems like 60-70% actually prefer walking as it simplifies things, usually gets them better tips, and they like the exercise. This may not be the most scientific study because I carry a lightweight Titleist bag with only a few extra balls. Caddies of those who use a heavy 14 inch leather staff bag may have a different opinion.

Walking the golf courses in Vietnam has more advantages for me. I enjoy walking the fairways as I dream of being golf professional. The exercise helps me increase my stamina, keep off the weight, and even promotes better night time sleep. Walking provides a better feel for the layout of the course, gets me in touch with nature, and allows me to appreciate the beauty of the golf course. To combat intense sun I carry an umbrella, which keeps the temperatures down and gives me protection from UV rays.

Again with most golf courses in Vietnam being walker friendly, try not using a cart on your next round and you will see what I mean about bringing the enjoyment of golf to a higher level.