Golf in Vietnam Pros and Cons of Night Golf

Golf in Vietnam can be played day or night as more  Vietnam golf courses are being built with lights or are having lights installed. For example Van Tri Golf Club in Hanoi and Twin Doves Golf Club in Saigon both offer night golf starting at 3:30PM and finishing around 11:00 each weekday night. The front nine is played in daylight and the lights come on just as you would make the turn. Then the the back nine is played under spot lights. The new Diamond Bay Resort & Golf Club is also installing lights, albeit they not completely functional yet.

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of golfing at night, but here are a few things to consider.

1. You can tee off anytime in the afternoon with no worry about finishing 18 holes before dark.
2. Your skin will not age, darken, or be susceptible to cancer due to the effects of UV.
3. The temperature is cooler when the sun goes down so you will not tire as much as playing in the day.
4. Despite the higher electricity costs, green fees are actually lower at night.

1. It is harder to see ball and judge distance in the dark. This will probably result in a higher score.
2. Light posts make the golf course look unsightly to some.
3. Bugs and insects come out at at night, especially at dusk. This makes wearing insect repellant a must if you don’t want to get bitten alive.
4. There seems to be more slower groups at night, so play on 5 hours or more for a round of golf.

Whichever time of day you prefer to golf in Vietnam and whether or not you are local, expatriate, or visitor, the new Vietnam golf courses with lights await you.