How to Select a Vietnam Golf Package?

The Vietnam golf season has begun and many are interested in golfing in the 2012 best golf destination in Asia-pacific this winter.

When arranging a Vietnam golf holiday, it is always wise to compare offerings from more than one tour operator. Unless getting quoted for exactly the same package, where upon the choice would purely be down to price, then care must be taken when evaluating the details of the trips being offered.

Tour operators offer packages consisting of golf, accommodation, and transportation. It is important to be clear what exactly is included.

For example, various category hotels may be mentioned to make one quote look like a particularly good deal, whereas the actual accommodation offered may be of a low standard. An example of this may the age of the hotel. With many new hotels in Vietnam catering for golfers, some longstanding favorite hotels now seem a bit tired and there is nothing worse than taking a Vietnam golf holiday and being disappointed with the resort.

Room styles can also have a big effect on price. In Vietnam, a superior room often is the lowest category, which can be misleading. Deluxe rooms are better, larger, and often have a balcony and sea view. Upgraded rooms can make a difference between an average Vietnam golf vacation and a great golf holiday.

Golf would seemingly be the most important point in any Vietnam golf trip. However, there are only a few golf courses in each Vietnam golf destination so usually this aspect of a golf tour is very similar from one package to the next. The only real factor is how far you are willing to drive between your hotel and each golf course. Normal commutes in Saigon are around one hour and Hanoi golf courses can be located up to two hours or longer from your hotel, depending on the traffic. The golf in Danang, Nha Trang, and Phan Thiet however is much different. Commutes in these seaside resorts are normally 30 minutes or less.

With regards to transportation, most companies provide private transfers using vehicles that accommodate 3-4 people. Try to clarify the exact type, age, and safety record of transport and driver that will be used. Vietnam golf tour operators will often use new mini-vans while generalist leisure companies may use sedans that have no space for golf clubs. Insist on getting the drivers telephone number ahead of time. This is important in the event of any transfer delays or when needing to return ahead of schedule.

Finally, make sure to inquire about the level of support available during the actual Vietnam golf holiday. When questions arise, it is always good to know who the contact person – morning, noon or night.

All of these points are relevant whilst evaluating a Vietnam golf tour offer. Cheaper is not always better. A golf package that provides the level of service to match preferences would be the best choice for most Vietnam golfers. A Vietnam golf holiday can be one of the best ever. Sticking to first principles, staying in top hotels, not traveling too far, using comfortable vehicles with easy to communicate with drivers is all that is needed to ensure a memorable golf vacation!

Why Golf in Vietnam?

Here are 5 reasons why Vietnam is a world-class golf holiday destination.

  1. The courses: With many courses having been developed by leading golf architects of the world such as Greg Norman (Danang Golf Club), Nick Faldo (Ocean Dunes Golf Club & Laguna Lang Co Golf Club), Ron Fream (Long Thanh Golf Club & Sea Links Golf Club), and Peter Rousseau (Van Tri Golf Club & Twin Doves Golf Club) quality golfing is never far away.
  2. The locations: Vietnam is a beautiful and fascinating country that offers a variety of different golf destinations. The cities of Hanoi and Saigon are bustling centers of commerce, industry, and colonial history. The costal resorts of Danang, Hoi An, and Nha Trang have some of the best beaches in the world. The fresh mountains of Dalat have excellent year-round golf on offer at a perfect 20 degrees centigrade temperature.
  3. The history and culture: Only the past 50 years or so of Vietnamese history is familiar to most travelers. Moreover, Vietnamese culture is for the most part still mysterious and unknown. However, today more and more people are traveling to golf in Vietnam. Getting to know Vietnam’s history and Vietnamese culture is interesting and fascinating. Historically, fist recorded evidence dates back to 200 B.C. and is rich and varied ever since. Vietnamese culture is one of the most exotic and complex in the world. It is hard to find such an authentic and interesting place for golf travel anywhere!
  4. The caddies: A unique and truly memorable part of golf in Vietnam. All females, they provide excellent day service at $15 US Dollars a round. Greeting you upon arrival at the clubhouse, Vietnam caddies take care of everything before teeing off, during the round, and after finishing 18 holes. With a constant smiling face, they give yardages to the green, mark and clean golf balls, advise of the breaks on the green, keep their golfers cool during the round, and always provide great enjoyment.
  5. The food: Like with any other cuisine, Vietnamese food is influenced by its geography and history. Vietnamese food has retained its distinct identity, despite influences from Chinese and other Asian cuisine. Traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil, and reliance on herbs and vegetables. As such, Vietnamese food is often ranked as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Where else can a golfer travel to and eat as much as he/she wants without worries of putting on extra pounds/kilos? That is except for the beer!

There are endless other reasons to golf in Vietnam and I could go on, but that will spoil all the additional surprises in store when you golf this fascinating country.