Vietnam Golf Zone Opens To The World

Vietnam Golf Course Since this is my first post, I thought to take this opportunity to introduce all readers to the Vietnam Golf Zone Blog. It is my intent to share my and other peoples, valuable knowledge and expert information about playing golf and golf travel in Vietnam. I will be writing on such topics as my day to day golf experiences, prior tours and travels I have made throughout Vietnam, useful golf tips which have helped me improved my game and other related subjects which golfers coming to Vietnam will find interesting and enjoyable. To get things started I wanted to share my one of my favorite images of golf in Vietnam. The photo was taken at Tam Dao Golf Resort on the Vietnam Golf Coast in the mountains above Hanoi. It reminds me what golf in Vietnam is all about; enjoyment, relaxation and quality. I hope this blog compliments and conveys the same emotions. Please feel free to subscribe, leave me comments, send an email, as well as visit my business web site which has even more information on Vietnam golf.