Is Van Tri Hanoi’s Best Golf Course?

The jury is still out regarding whether or not Van Tri Golf Club is really Hanoi’s best golf course.

Here are a few reasons why Van Tri is the best course in Hanoi.

  1. Van Tri Golf Club is conveniently located 30 minutes from Hanoi city center and Hanoi airport making the commute time the shortest of any Hanoi golf course.
  2. Van Tri Golf Club is fully private ensuring few players and speedy round of golf. The course can still be booked on weekdays through agents like Golfasian Vietnam.
  3. Van Tri Golf Club golf presents a good layout with a variety of challenges. Peter Rousseau was the architect and many of the holes feature sculpted bunker complexes, streams crossing the fairways, and undulated greens.
  4. Van Tri Golf Club is very well-maintained. Paspalum grassed fairways are beautiful to hit off of and the Bermuda putting surfaces are as fast as any in Vietnam.

Here area few reasons why Van Tri is NOT the best course in Hanoi.

  1. Van Tri Golf Club is built on featureless rice-paddy land and everything about the course is artificial. At the other end of the spectrum would be courses like Chi Linh Star and Phoenix, both of which are built on rolling terrain.
  2. Van Tri Golf Club is expensive with green fees around $160 USD. Most other Hanoi Golf Courses run around $100 with Kings Island being the best value-for-money.
  3. Van Tri Golf Club is Korean owned and favors Asian golfers. This is not necessarily a negative, just something to be aware of for westerners visiting Vietnam for golf.
  4. Singles and groups of 2 golfers are not welcome, so make sure you play with some friends.

Overall, I do indeed prefer Van Tri Golf Club over all other Hanoi golf courses as it is well-maintained, well-run, well-located, and good scores are in reach for all players. Why not get a 4-ball together and play all of the Hanoi golf courses? Then you can decide for yourself!