Golf in Vietnam Is All About the Walk (Or Ride)

One thing I really like about golf in Vietnam is that all Vietnam golf courses have the same system with respect to golf carts (buggies). That is they are always optional, and when used golf carts can be shared between 2 golfers.

This choice of whether to walk or ride not only helps keep costs down for those who prefer the exercise, but it is in stark contrast to other competing destinations like golf in Thailand or golf in Malaysia. Read more

Arrange Your Own Vietnam Golf Holiday

Here are some tips I came up with to help anyone who is interested in arranging a Vietnam golf holiday.

There are a number of areas you must carefully think about before arranging your own Vietnam golf tour. The biggest advantage of booking yourself is “potential cost savings”. However, any savings must be weighed against the time required to do things yourself and on-the-ground logistical problems that will arise. Read more

Vietnam Golf & Country Club

I visited Vietnam Golf & Country Club last week after a long 3 year absence. We played the Lee Trevino West Course, which was in very good condition. Greens rolled about 9 or 10 and I forgot how undulated many of the putting surfaces were. In fact, the day we played I am sure the greens keeper had come to work with a hangover and wanted to get back at all of the golfers. Pin positions were more challenging than Sunday tournament ones with many of the pins on the crest of a hill or where the green transitioned from one tier to another. Needless to say, the sores in our group were well over each person’s handicap, which was mostly due to the frequent 3 and even some 4 putts.

After our round I checked out the championship East Course. Curse conditions were as good as or even slightly better than the West Course. The West Course has more of a park land feel to it with most holes framed by large trees. Greens are less challenging as they have only minor up and down variations.

Other than the golf course, we had the opportunity to use the clubhouse and have a meal after our round. Locker rooms were tidy and functional and my Vietnamese Pho was a delicious way to end my day. Overall we had a nice time and the visiting Vietnam golfers all had an enjoyable experience golfing in Saigon.

One thing to note was the weather. In spite of this being the rainy season and seeing many black clouds surrounding the golf course, we did not see a drop of rain during our 4 hour weekend round. Thanks to the golf club for accommodating our group.