Vietnam Golf Caddies

Have you ever golfed with a caddie? If not, you are in for a real treat golfing in Vietnam. I often try to explain about this with golf buddies and everyone agrees, golfing with a caddie in Vietnam adds another dimension to of golf and is a must experience for all Vietnam golf visitors.

The Vietnam caddies will be of the unique experiences of your golf holiday. However, be forewarned you may like having a caddie in Vietnam, but it won’t be until you return home that you really miss the Vietnamese caddies!

Caddies are compulsory at all Vietnam golf courses and their fees are included in your green fee. At a price of only $15 US dollars a round, this might just be the best deal out there.
Caddies are all female and face mandatory retirement at the old age of 30. Extremely helpful, attractive, and with a great sense of humor, they generally come from rural backgrounds and really appreciate and value their jobs. Your caddie is allocated as you arrive at the course using a rotation system by the caddie master so all caddies get an equal amount of work. Vietnamese caddies will look after your clubs until you are ready to play. All of the golf courses in Vietnam are waling courses and caddies use a golf trolley to walk the course with you. However, should you prefer to take a golf cart, then they will ride alongside and if requested even drive for you or hang on the back of your cart should you prefer to share your cart with your golfing buddy or partner.

Caddies are very knowledgeable about the rules of golf, and quite amazingly, after only a few shots they can club you extremely accurately. The more experienced ones are a fantastic assistance on the greens, being very accurate with their assessment of the speed and line of your putt. They will mark and clean your ball on the green, leaving you only to put the ball in the hole. Remember; do not blame them if you miss as it means you have not got the combination of speed and line right!

Caddies are extremely accurate whilst ball spotting and it never ceases to amaze me how easily they find the errant shots. The best caddies enjoy working with overseas golfers, as they are treated very differently to that of the locals. I guess it is more of a cultural status thing than anything else. At the end of your round they will make sure your cubs are all cleaned, and wait for you to check your clubs after you have finished in the club house.

A tip for this great service is very gratefully received. The amount is entirely up to each golfer but I would recommend an amount of US$15 as normal and US$20 if you are very pleased with their services. Golfing in Vietnam with a caddie is certainly a unique experience. In fact, I am sure you will find it to be one of the best parts of golfing in Vietnam.