Vietnam Golf Caddies

Playing golf with a Vietnamese caddie adds a whole new dimension to the game of golf and is an experience to remember for all Vietnam golf holidaymakers.

For anyone who has golfed in Thailand, then the famous Thai caddies would have been without doubt one of the best parts of your Thailand golf holiday. Golf in Vietnam is not much different. Caddies are compulsory on all Vietnam golf courses and are normally included in the cost of your green fee. At a price of around 15 US dollars a round, the caddie fee is higher than Thailand, but still a bargain.

In the main Vietnam golf locations the caddies will all be female and 20 to 30 years of age. Extremely helpful and with a great sense of pride, they generally come from poorer rural backgrounds and really appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. At some remote courses you might find a male caddie mixed in and some of the females might be slightly older, but nevertheless, they still will provide excellent service.

If you did not book a specific caddie in advance, then your caddie will be assigned as you arrive at the course based on a number rotation system. She will attend to and look after your clubs until you are ready to play. At most courses, you have the option to use an electric golf cart or walk. If you choose to ride, then your caddie will drive your cart for you. If you choose to walk, then your caddie will use a pull trolley to walk the course with you.

You can even request two caddies if you want extra service. If so, let the starter know of your preference.  One caddie will be assigned to take care of your clubs, whilst the other caddie will keep an umbrella over you to provide shade, and a cool towel to wipe away any sweat from your brow. I see many wealthier Vietnamese local golfers going the two caddie route and the service is there for you too should you want to try it.

Enjoy your round and I am sure you will remember the unique and wonderful experience of Vietnam golf with a caddie.