Vietnam Anti-Slicing Golf Swing

It is very easy to spot those who favor a slice when golfing in Vietnam. These players stay back behind the golf ball when finishing their swings. I am not sure if this is because of the many on courses distractions such as other players, caddies, or the surrounding scenery. Nevertheless, staying behind the ball leads to an outside-in swing and causes such familiar shots such as slices and tops. This is particularly true on the drive which is often hit with too much power anyway.

Here is an effective drill that I saw a Vietnam golf professional demonstrate recently when I was golfing in Danang. First he used an extra-long tee. When the ball is teed up high, it is easier to swing from the inside to the outside. Then he set his driver club head about three inches behind the ball. This helps hit through the ball and with the head square at impact.

This set-up also delays moving the upper body out of position before impact and stops a falling back motion the lower body. Moreover, with the body positioned properly, there is less of a tendency to steer the ball. Try it for yourself when you go out on the course.

The inside to outside swing plane eliminates weak slices and promotes a slight draw. I bet you can hit longer, shave off a few strokes form your score, and get rid of those nasty OB’s, especially on the tighter Vietnam golf courses.