Vietnam Golf Tours & The Resorts

Vietnam golf tourism has grown rapidly over the last three years. The country cut off western golf travelers as recently as 15 years ago has now boasts 20 international standard golf courses from North to South. Though in many ways Vietnam is still learning the golf travel business and its golf infrastructure is not nearly as developed as places such as Thailand. Nevertheless, Vietnam is fascinating for adventurous golf travelers with an open mind, cultural curiosity, and lots of patience.

Many golf holidaymakers like to situate themselves at a golf resort in one location, play lots of golf on three or more nearby courses and spend their evenings at nearby nightlife venues within walking distance of the hotel where they can wine, dine and/or party the night away. There is nothing wrong with this, though you won’t find it in Vietnam.

In Vietnam the golf courses are still rather few and far between.  In fact there is not a single golf resort in the country that has more than 2 courses within a one hour drive.  So to play a variety of quality courses you need to do some travel.  However that is not all bad. Vietnam offers a wide variety of natural beauty and cultural diversity that you miss if only staying in one location.

Golf resorts and hotels can be found at the beach destinations Danang, Phan Thiet, and Nha Trang, all three of which offer 2 international standard courses along with unspoiled beaches and a thriving town nearby. Of the three Danang is the best offering the closest thing to links golf to be found not only in Vietnam, but anywhere in SE Asia. Both Montgomerie Links Vietnam and Danang Golf Club courses are built on seaside sand based soil with turf that allows for a wide variety of shots like chip-and-runs and Texas wedges. The sometimes strong winds coming off the South China Sea further contribute to the links atmosphere. Danang is also blessed with the nearby UNESCO heritage town of Hoi An, which affords many Vietnam golfers the opportunity to unwind after their rounds at any number of reasonably priced pubs and restaurants. Phan Thiet and Nha Trang also boast 2 golf courses and are even more off the beaten track for those golfing in Vietnam.