Vietnam Tee Time Bookings

Many who golf in Vietnam like to book their own golf tee times. Here are a few tips to insure your golf in Vietnam proceeds well.

1. There are some excellent Vietnam golf courses and some that are more suitable for locals. The 3 best Vietnam golf courses for visitors are Danang Golf Club, Laguna Lang Co Golf Club, and Montgomerie Links Vietnam. All of the courses north of Hanoi and south of Saigon are probably better left to local golfers. The Saigon and Hanoi golf courses are good, but crowded.

2. When booking a Vietnam tee time, it is unlikely you will be able to make reservation on the Internet as none of the Vietnam golf courses are set-up for online bookings. Furthermore, all Vietnam golf courses require a written voucher to play. You should receive these in advance from the course itself. If not, your tee times may be given away to other players.

3. Phone the course the day before you are scheduled to play to be sure your tee times are confirmed and to avoid any double or missing bookings mistakes.

4. How do you plan to get to the golf course? Local taxis are cheap, but often the drivers do not know the location of the Vietnam golf courses and may not speak English. If the course is busy and you are late for your tee off time, chances are you will not be allowed to play. Hotel transportation is a good option, albeit expensive. Some golf courses have their own shuttle service, check when making your tee time booking.
5. Make sure there is no ongoing maintenance when you plan to golf at the course. Most Vietnam golf courses do not give any details or warnings regarding their greens coring. Phone the golf course ahead of time to check playing conditions. Better yet, get a Vietnamese speaking person to do this for you. He or she can speak directly with the superintendent as sometimes even the reception staff does not know.
These are some of my tips that you must be aware of whilst making your own Vietnam golf tee time bookings.

Of course you could avoid all of this completely and book your golf through a Vietnam golf tour agent that is set-up to handle everything in advance and ensure your golf in Vietnam goes smooth. Whichever path you choose, have fun and enjoy your golfing in Vietnam!